Derek Hooper
equality consultancy and training

Creative excellence

Creative Excellence in Management puts your organisation’s values at the heart of what your managers do and how they behave – in performance review, team meetings, managing staff, and project management.

Diversity in Action

Diversity in Action is a half-day workshop which mixes serious thinking and enjoyable participation – a great way to re-energise equality and diversity. The presentations are interspersed with sketches performed by actors.


The programme contributes to creating a positive and creative culture. It embeds equality quite naturally into behaviours and decisions. It develops a distinctive style of management with diversity, creativity and collaboration mutually re-enforcing each other.

The programme gets to the heart of the question: What sort of organisation do we want to be?


We start with examples of good equality practice and a challenging quiz on inequality in the UK. We explain the Equality tool-kit, cover the latest on the law and set up an ‘employment tribunal’ where participants have to decide if the cases are lawful or not. The workshop shows how Equality and diversity can be positive, creative and stimulating.


Re-energizing Equality

This tool-kit gives you a complete ‘box-set’ to up-date and re-energise equality and diversity – apart, of course, from leadership and commitment. And we can help you with these too.


TransEqual is a workshop on how to create a positive and inclusive college for trans learners. It provides the knowledge and confidence to promote transgender equality.


It brings your approach up-to-date and makes it relevant for the next five years.
It addresses inequality as well as equality, the world of work as well as the curriculum.
We work with you on structuring and managing equality, and linking it to your values and strategic planning.
The tool-kit gives you:
  • A practical, up-to-date equality policy customized to your context
  • Examples of equality objectives
  • Samples of good equality action plans
  • A remit for your Equality and Diversity Group
  • A job spec for Equality Advocates
Our consultancy comes with support on putting it all into practice.

The half-day TransEqual workshop is for teachers, student services and curriculum managers.
And the college can add in:
  • A briefing for senior managers
  • A review of policy
  • Ideas for work with the student union
  • Sample materials for student induction
  • Six-months on-going support
Derek works with Suzanna-Yong Lee who has personal experience of trans issues, and DVDs made by My Genderation.