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Derek has worked with more than 40 colleges and schools since 2010 - most recently at Brooklands, Newcastle, and Canterbury Colleges.


Programmes have included Equality and diversity, Creative excellence programmes, and Embedding equality, diversity and British values in learning and teaching.


The work we did with Derek has had a transformational impact on our college on several fronts. Not only has it helped to modernise our approach to E&D but it has also brought our values to life and made us re-think the way we interact with our managers.


Lawrence Vincent, Principal, Bournemouth and Poole College


He has also worked with Kent County Council, London Underground and the City of London Police; with BHP Billiton and Coca-Cola, and with more than a dozen local authorities and housing associations.


His experience of equality, inclusion and human rights spans more than twenty five years. He brings to his consultancy and training four areas of expertise:

Derek is an experienced manager and this gives his consultancy a practical edge and an understanding of how organisations work. His analysis of equality covers age, class, race, gender, gender identity, religion, sexuality, disability and neuro-diversity, as well as inequality and its impact - poverty and deprivation, health and well-being, safety in public spaces and environmental equity.