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Derek Hooper


Equality consultancy and training

Equality and diversity

It's a fresh approach. The Equality tool-kit gives you a complete box-set of the practical equipment you need to up-date and re-energise equality and diversity - apart, of course, from the leadership and commitment. And we can help you with these too.

Our approach is forward-looking, positive and creative.

It addresses inequality as well as equality, poverty and deprivation as well as diversity.

We work with you on structuring and managing-in equality, linking it to your values you're your business plan. In other words, complete mainstreamed.

The tool-kit supports you with:

The consultancy comes with plenty of support for putting it all into practice.


TransEqual is a practical programme which helps you create a positive and inclusive space for trans and non-binary students and staff. The half-day event works well with student services teams, tutors and curriculum managers. It gives teams the knowledge and confidence to promote transgender equality.

At the core of the workshop is our DVD TransEqual created with www.mygenderation.com. We can also work with you on:

Derek works with Suzanna-Yong Lee on TransEqual.


Diversity in Action

Diversity in Action is a mix of challenging ideas and enjoyable participation, a great way to re-energise equality and diversity. The presentations are interspersed with sketches performed by actors, live or on video. It's ideal for large groups of staff, up to 80 participants. It can be a half-day or full-day programme, and is customized to your needs.

The event starts with examples of good equality practice and a challenging quiz on the state of equality and inequality in the UK today. We cover the Equality tool-kit and apply it to some tricky realistic dilemmas. We also present some landmark legal cases in 'You, the Jury', and discuss topical issues in 'Breaking News'.

Diversity in Action - Kent County Council

Values-based management

Creative excellence programmes are designed for senior teams and middle-managers. The programme develops a values-based style of management. It focuses on practice - ways to integrate values into performance reviews, team meetings, managing staff and designing projects. It also embeds equality and diversity quite naturally into behaviours and decision-making. The programmes help build a positive culture in which diversity, creativity and collaboration are mutually reinforcing.

City College Norwich
Principal - Corrienne Peasgood

Facilitation and conference design

Derek works with NGOs on strategic planning, policy development and all aspects of organisational change, most recently with the World Health Organisation, Carers' Worldwide, Mobility India, the Solidarity Foundation and the CBR Global Network.

He has partnered with Sangama in Bengaluru, India. It is one of India's leading NGOs promoting human rights and equality for sexual and gender minorities.

Derek's partnership has been vital in helping Sangama through a complex transition. His work has a long-term positive effect. His commitment and openness make him someone we can really count on to support the organisation.

Director - Shubha Chacko

Derek has facilitated international meetings on disability and community-based rehabilitation for the World Health Organisation and the CBR Global Network. In 2016, he designed and facilitated interactive workshops for over 1000 participants at the 2nd CBR World Congress.

CBR Global Network Bangkok 2014 Kuala Lumpur 2016

Inclusive environments

Inclusive design is an equality issue. New builds and refurbishments provide the perfect opportunity to promote access and inclusion. They offer the chance to go beyond the regulatory minimum and to create spaces and places that work well for as many people as possible.

We offer support and consultancy on inclusive design with:

We bring to our consultancy a practical understanding of the links between inclusive design, environmental equity and more traditional equality and diversity. Derek was the Inclusive Design Advisor at the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment.

Inclusive environments - Design Council